For the past few months, I’ve been spending most of my time helping the mobile team with the Fennec NativeUI rewrite, and a few weeks ago I officially became a member of the mobile front-end team. Although working on a native Android app has been painful different, I’ve found my desktop browser knowledge to be really useful, especially when working on Fennec features that I also helped make on desktop Firefox. I’m hoping that this will encourage the desktop and mobile teams to work together more closely, since we’re really just all part of a bigger team trying to make an awesome Firefox experience across all of your devices.

I’ve neglected to blog about the mobile work I’ve been doing these past few months, but I’ll use the excuse that I was too busy writing code instead! Among other things, I’ve been working on click-to-play plugins, doorhanger notifications, site settings, bookmarks, and our form assistant UI. Grab a Nightly build to see our most recent changes, or check out Aurora for a more stable experience.