This summer I created an experimental prototype of an about:me page for Firefox, and I am proud to announce that it is now available for download as an add-on on! The goal of the about:me page is to give you a more interesting view of statistics about your browser usage, providing a fun way to see personalized patterns in your interactions with Firefox. The current version includes graphs that illustrate trends in your browsing and downloads histories. The “Activity Stats” section graphs the websites you visit most, including the individual pages you visit most within each top-level site. This section also graphs your hourly browsing activity, which can reveal patterns in websites you visit most at various times of the day.

Activity Stats

The “Downloads Stats” section illustrates the distribution of different types of files you download, as well as daily trends in your download activity.

Downloads Stats

I plan to continue to develop the about:me page to include more sections from our brainstorming list, such as statistics about bookmarks and tabs. Please let me know if there’s anything you would love to see next!